by Stephen Bard



Followup to BETWEEN US, Vol. 1: YOU.
Predecessor to BETWEEN US, Vol. 3: THE OTHER HALF.


released December 23, 2017

Written, Arranged, Produced and Performed by Stephen Bard.
Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Ball and Stephen Bard.
Remastered by Stephen Bard.

Copyright 2014, 2017. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Music (ASCAP).
Daily Natural Alternative Records. DNA 011.


all rights reserved



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10/12 - NJ Bar & Grill, Mine Hill, NJ. 9PM.

10/18 - Sheridan's Lodge, Andover, NJ. 9PM.

10/25 - Brooke's Beer Garden, Byram, NJ. 9PM.

10/26 - NJ Bar & Grill, Mine Hill, NJ. 9PM.
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Track Name: Be With Me
Be with me in these deep silences
Be with me
Be with me
No one needs to know
The world is draped in shadow and violence
Lord I need you so
I need you so

Be with me when the moon shines in
Be with me
Be with me
No one needs to know
The world is wrenched with terror and rife with sin
Lord I need you so
I need you so

There’s a hole here ever widening
Not big enough for all of you
But small enough to hold me oh so tight
I feel you deep within me
Whatever you can give me is all I need tonight
Track Name: And The World Goes Round
Hawk of a man with a bill in his hand
Sucking all the good seed out of the land
You don’t need to read the feed to understand
And the world goes round
Chopping down trees in the dirty breeze
Dropping down a deep freeze overseas
He says, “Hey I’m the big cheese and I can do what I please.”
And the world goes round

And I’m in love with you pretty baby
Everything you do just drives me crazy
But then again look at you, how could you blame me?
I’m in love I’m in love
I’m in love and the beat is strong
Just want to move with you all night long
We could just groove right into the dawn
Baby come on baby come on

Peeping Tom with a CDRom
Learning how to make his own atomic bomb
Sheep don’t sleep just trying to keep calm
And the world goes round
Chat is at an all time high disgrace
A rat shouldn’t ever run the human race
We got a flat screen face trying to fatten the space
And the world goes round

You say the sun is a she
I must say indeed I do agree
Giving all the light she can
She’s too warm to be a man
You say the earth’s her sister
I want the men who’ve twisted her
She’ll still be coming round long after they’re all in the ground

Awed by the size of a baby’s eyes
She smiled at her daddy and he’s hypnotized
A universe of love he never realized
And the world goes round
Bigger than a name, bigger than the game
Bigger than the bang from which everything came
When we gonna realize we’re all the same?
And the world goes round
Track Name: There Will Be A Time
So I'm alone here again
And I'm damned if I trust you
Damned if I don't
Just you wait
You'll wait for me to come and I won't
There will be a time when I won't

So I'm the fool here again
And I'm damned if I'll stay here
Damned if I won't
Every single day here
i wait for you to change and you don't
There will be a time when I won't

You tell me that you love me
You're always thinking of me
And somewhere in your heart you mean it too
But I can see it in your face
You've grown quite fond of your space
Who wouldn't want to have their cake and eat it too?
Track Name: Fourteen
You kiss like the summer when I was 14
I never felt so dirty, I never felt so clean
Don't get me wrong
There ain't nothing 14 about what we've just done
But I'm nervous and sweaty and feeling so dumb
Feeling so dumb
And ain't that how it feels when you're 14

Tonight on the couch I just had to laugh
You took all my worries and cut them in half
Don't get me wrong
I'm still worried some secret will steal you away
Oh there's so many words and they're so hard to say
And ain't that how it feels when you're 14
Ain't that how it feels?

Flying so high I don't want to come down
Falling so hard with my feet off the ground

So shout it from the rooftops down to the street
I must be in love, I can't sleep, I can't eat
Don't get me wrong
I should be fast asleep after what we've just done
But I'm fixed on the moon with my mind on the run
My mind on the run
And ain't that how it feels when you're 14
Track Name: Woe Is Me
We finally did what I've been hoping we'd do
For so long now and now we're done
And it's abundantly clear that you don't appear
To think that it was very much fun

Woe is me

So now as we reach that dreadful moment
When you say we have to talk
I can hardly believe that soon you will leave
And I will never see you naked again

Woe is me

I love you
Thinking of you
No one above you
For the rest of eternity

I adore you
Aching for you
No one before you
For the rest of eternity

Woe is me
Track Name: I Always Feel Better When We're Naked
Mountains piling up
Shovels digging deep
Puppets making promises you know they’ll never keep
And while I usually can
It seems tonight I just can’t sleep
I don’t know what to do with myself

Why don’t I light up some candles?
Grab a hold of these handles
You could diffuse many dramas
If you’d just lose those pajamas

I ain’t gonna lie to you baby
I always feel much better when we’re naked
I ain’t gonna lie to you baby
You might think I’m crazy but
I always feel much better whenever we’re naked

Blue television light stirring up my brain
A double shot of espresso in a mugful of insane
A wired imagination is a runaway train
The wheels feel like they’re gonna fly off

Now I don’t want to barrage you
But I would love to massage you
Make it like the Bahamas
Please let’s take off these pajamas

I ain’t gonna lie to you baby
I always feel much better when we’re naked
I know I haven’t cried to you lately
Though there’s plenty times I feel I just can’t take it
I ain’t gonna try to convince you
That the best thing we could do right now is make it
But I ain’t gonna lie to you baby
You might think I’m crazy but
I always feel much better whenever we’re naked
Track Name: Big Trouble Blues
I’m in big trouble
I’m in big trouble
Worst I ever knew
Don’t know what to do
I’m in big trouble
Big trouble
‘Cause I, I’m in love with you

At first I didn’t want you
So hard to admit
But I knew you were the best thing
I was ever gonna get
Now I want you so bad
Girl, I’m gonna go mad
I’m in big trouble
You don’t feel it too

I’m in big trouble
I’m in big trouble
Worst I’ve ever known
Feel so all alone
I’m in big trouble
Big, big trouble
‘Cause I, I’m in love with you

Won’t you look at what God gave us?
I keep asking Him to save us
But there’s no answer here
Only pain and fear
You keep mentioning another
Are you speaking of my brother?
One thing I know for sure
He ain’t my brother no more
Track Name: The Great Divide
I will bear myself in front of you now
The only thing that I can think to do now is to put it all aside
Between us from all this miscommunication
Lies such a grand canyon of frustration
What can I do to cross the great divide?

Thought it would bend but now it’s breaking
I can see you on the other side
It comes out wrong again and sets your eyes on fire
The rapids rushed and raging, the river deep and wide
Still I would never desert you
Even if you hurt me or I hurt you across the great divide

I believe that we could co-exist together
If we learn to turn and twist together, it’s the magic carpet ride
Can’t you see the effort I’ve been making?
Failure is the risk I’m always taking
But I’d risk it all to cross the great divide

Thought I was clean but now I’m learning
I can see the enemy is pride
It comes out so mean and sets your tongue on fire
The words are sharp and burning, they brand us deep inside
But I will always choose you
So baby please don’t let me lose you across the great divide

I wake up in the morning with it all on my mind
There’s nowhere I can run and there ain’t nowhere to hide
No matter what I say or what I try to pretend
I’m as guilty of this shit as much as anyone
I said the truth lies somewhere in between
And that’s all well and good for some bogus Hollywood scene
The reality is that I’m still a slave to my fears
And the truth is always there in between everyone’s ears
It’s just whether or not you want to face it yourself
I can’t blame the things I’ve done upon anybody else
So it’s time that I just looked you baby straight in the eyes
And tell you that I’m sorry – I’m so sorry, babe
Track Name: Saving My Life
Feeling so right on the wrong side of town
High as a kite, it was all crashing down
A hand that I couldn't win, a heathen soul left for dead
It was all closing in, you showed up instead

So thank you for saving my life

Reeling from trouble
Man I couldn't find my feet
You don't know which way is up
Face down in the street
Ain't no thing such as balance
Out on the edge
I'm just so lucky you climbed out when you did

So thank you for saving my life

I was dead in the water in the deep of the night
A lamb to the slaughter, asleep on a knife
It all was a struggle, nothing was right
Until the glorious day you came and turned on the light

Thank you for saving my life

Now I know there's angels, devils too
You said they're all really angels
'Cause they all can teach you
There's nobody smarter in this world that I see
Without you in my corner, who knows where I'd be?

So thank you for saving my life
Track Name: Glad I Ran Into You (In E)
King John fat upon his lofty perch
Eyes on every birdie passing by
He says, "How I love a parade!"
He's one hell of a guy
He's got Miss Lucy right beside him
Yeah you'd think she'd have a clue
She got no idea on earth
What he's about to do

In a world where we're all running round
Running across the icy ground
Running from ever feeling bound
Running from the mystery we've found
Running lines and running dares
Running out of time and running scared
Running blind and running mad
From any chance it might go bad
I'm glad I ran into you

Groom is sweating at the altar
These days it's a 50/50 chance
Better odds than Vegas trouble's looming
Like a cobra in his pants
And the question hangs so heavy
How long the honeymoon?
Down the aisle in January
Down the drain in June
Track Name: A Thing Of The Past
Those men over there have a brand new machine
Sleek and it's smooth, ain't like nothing I seen
This thing I got here, well it's lost most its sheen
God knows it won't take me that fast
And they're coming up over the hill with their plans
Shouting about progress and making demands
Where once was a field a city now stands
My pa said the frontier was something incredibly vast
Now it's a thing of the past

Well he waited 'til every penny was spent
Said the new trend would pass and the storm would relent
Took it off of the shelf and out back he went
All I heard was a lone shotgun blast
Some people can see it before it arrives
Others resist for what's left of their lives
The ones who embrace are the ones who survive
And why is a question that wasted his breath when he asked
Now he's a thing of the past

Oh change is the way of the world
And you know that it's just because
But how do you avert it when you know you prefer it
The way you remember it was?

We carried the stones that stood in our way
Never knew why there were so many each day
You'd think it'd get lighter the longer you stay
'Til you're crushed under all that's amassed
Now I'm lost at a crossroads searching for clues
How to bypass these black holes that fill up with blues
Man I thought I were winning, no way we could lose
Could've sworn it was real
Could've sworn it was going to last
Now it's a thing of the past
Track Name: The Void At The Edge Of My Mind
I was thinking about the world and how all of us boys and girls
Are just doing the best we can to follow somebody else’s plan
Yet nobody really knows how the story really goes
Until it's tearing you to bits
You're scared out of your wits and you're ready to call it quits
I had to stop right there and then 'cause it was going dark again
I don’t like the things I’m tending to find
In the void at the edge of my mind

I think I know I mean ah yes – It’s an ocean of nothingness
I'm standing alone on the shore and it’s shaking me to the core
I don't know who put it there
It's almost more than I can bear
'Cause no matter how I grow or how far or long I go
It always just seems to know
That I'm a prisoner of war and the want for something more
And the fear of gaining sight or going blind
In the void at the edge of my mind

Couldn't you give me a break?
I'm a good boy for heaven's sake
Couldn't you show me a clue as to how someone might break through?
I know I know I know – Life is so beautiful no matter what I say
But every night and day, something’s in the way
I just want to be OK, OK?

I was thinking about the fact that you can't take nothing back
And no matter how you live and no matter how much you give
You’re always living with a fear
It's the deal with being here
So I took a walk outside thinking it might be best
The sky was blue and wide, the sun setting in the west
My lungs electrified, the wind inside my chest
For a moment I was free of all the insecurity
And the yearning inside of me undefined in the void
I’m trying hard not to forget it hasn’t fully got me yet
I’m just praying to God I don’t get left behind
In the void at the edge of my mind
Track Name: My Baby She Loves Nicky Million
My baby she loves Nicky Million
I never knew love like this before
He came around one afternoon
She'd already made up her room
'Fore I knew it, she was out the door
Running out to see him like a newly sprouted fawn
I'm left here standing at the door
My baby she loves Nicky Million
I never knew love like this before

What am I gonna do if he don't treat her right?
Someone might be going in the ground tonight

She got blue eyes shining like the ocean
Forever deep, breaking on the shore
She got a baby sister too
Holds her like a kangaroo
They go bouncing up and down the floor
And he's out there playing on our next door neighbor's lawn
Kicking things he just got from the store
My baby she loves Nicky Million
I never knew love like this before

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