The Great Divide

from BETWEEN US, Vol. 2: ME by Stephen Bard



I will bear myself in front of you now
The only thing that I can think to do now is to put it all aside
Between us from all this miscommunication
Lies such a grand canyon of frustration
What can I do to cross the great divide?

Thought it would bend but now it’s breaking
I can see you on the other side
It comes out wrong again and sets your eyes on fire
The rapids rushed and raging, the river deep and wide
Still I would never desert you
Even if you hurt me or I hurt you across the great divide

I believe that we could co-exist together
If we learn to turn and twist together, it’s the magic carpet ride
Can’t you see the effort I’ve been making?
Failure is the risk I’m always taking
But I’d risk it all to cross the great divide

Thought I was clean but now I’m learning
I can see the enemy is pride
It comes out so mean and sets your tongue on fire
The words are sharp and burning, they brand us deep inside
But I will always choose you
So baby please don’t let me lose you across the great divide

I wake up in the morning with it all on my mind
There’s nowhere I can run and there ain’t nowhere to hide
No matter what I say or what I try to pretend
I’m as guilty of this shit as much as anyone
I said the truth lies somewhere in between
And that’s all well and good for some bogus Hollywood scene
The reality is that I’m still a slave to my fears
And the truth is always there in between everyone’s ears
It’s just whether or not you want to face it yourself
I can’t blame the things I’ve done upon anybody else
So it’s time that I just looked you baby straight in the eyes
And tell you that I’m sorry – I’m so sorry, babe


from BETWEEN US, Vol. 2: ME, released December 23, 2017


all rights reserved



Stephen Bard New Jersey

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